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Anniversary Series Test Pressings

Anniversary Series Test Pressings

Limited series of Test Pressings celebrating the 50 year anniversary of Trademark Of Quality. In 1970 Ken Douglas and Dub Taylor formed Trademark Of Quality, a company that would later go on to change how we collect records forever. They opened up a new world to music fans and at that time gave them access to material that was never available previously. True pioneers of their time, still 50 years later collectors around the world are collecting these rare and unique releases that they created. 

This series was made to pay homage to the original Trademark Of Quality releases, with some modern touches. The cover design is obviously a direct throwback to those releases with a few changes. The lettering on these releases are printed on each cover, with the exact same font, at the exact same angle as all of the rest so there is uniformity between each release. The original TMOQ releases were all hand stamped in various shapes and sizes. The back cover contains the release # info, with the individual hand numbering /5. 

Many hours were spent finding the right paper stock for the jackets. We went with a matte stock with minimal texturing so that over time, the covers will patina and age appropriately. While these covers are perfectly white today, in 5-10+ years time they will slowly yellow and develop a unique patina and look exactly like how the original TMOQ releases have aged. If you have ever seen an original TMOQ release, you’ll know the look that we’re talking about. 

There are 10 different releases in the first series, each unique in their own right. They are all releases that have been made available unofficially over the past few years. Each release has a unique number on the back letting you know what number release it is in the series. 

Each Test Pressing comes ultrasonically cleaned and housed in Mobile Fidelity inner sleeves. The labels are mostly all plain white. Please not that Test Pressings are just as prone to defects as any other vinyl record, so you may experience the occasional pop or imperfection here and there like you would on a normal LP. Playback as always is also heavily dependent on your specific system. 

All sales are final, limit 1 per customer. 

Release #001: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Live In Hyde Park

Release #002: Kanye West - Late Orchestration

Release #003: Jane's Addiction - Strays

Release #004: Slipknot - Iowa

Release #005: Mother Love Bone - Apple

Release #006: Kiss - Creatures Of The Night

Release #007: Pearl Jam - Yield

Release #008: Tom Petty - Wildflowers

Release #009: Danzig - Devil's Whorehouse

Release #010: John Frusciante - To Record Only Water For 10 Days

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