Led Zeppelin - The Trademark Of Quality Years Box Set

by Trademark Of Quality (TMOQ)

Incredibly rare box set from the legendary Trade Mark Of Quality. 10 LP on colored vinyl, comes in 2 black boxes.   contains the sets 'Live On Blueberry Hill', 'Going To Califonia', 'Bonzo's Birthday Party', 'Seattle Daze V' & 'Mudlside/BBC Broadcasts'     Box/Cover Grade: VG Vinyl Grade- VG+ to NM across all the LP's   TradeMark Of Quality (abbreviated TMQ or TMOQ) was a boot record label that originated in the Los Angeles, California area during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The label was responsible for many underground records of Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Devo,Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many other popular rock artists of the era. The major record labels were shocked and dismayed that any anonymous person could obtain or make a bootleg recording of one of their artists and press up records and release them for sale. TradeMark of Quality was established in 1970 by two bootleggers, "Dub" Taylor and Ken Douglas (now an avid sailor and author.) They were quality-conscious perfectionists who pressed all their albums on coloured, virgin vinyl, and perhaps the first bootleggers to start producing real, printed picture covers, and later colour picture covers (printed - not inserts under the shrink-wrap as seen on "head shop" bootlegs). Dub & Ken had released several albums under different names before settling on "TradeMark Of Quality" in 1970, the first being the (in)famous "Great White Wonder" by Bob Dylan. According to Ken, "Dub" recorded several of TMQ's releases himself, including The Rolling Stones' "Live'r Than You'll Ever Be" and Led Zeppelin's "Live On Blueberry Hill". TMOQ frequently released their albums with cover art by William Stout.   Tracklist Live On Blueberry Hill LP1-A1 Immigrant Song          LP1-A2 Heart Breaker LP1-A3 Dazed And Confused   LP1-B1 What Is And What Should Never Be  LP1-B2 Moby Dick       LP1-B3 Communications Breakdown LP1-B4 Good Times, Bad Times          LP1-B5 For What It's Worth    LP2-A1 Since I've Been Loving You     LP2-A2 Organ Improvisation   LP2-A3 Thank You       LP2-A4 Out On The Tiles         LP2-A5 Blueberry Hill  LP2-B1 Bring It On Home        LP2-B2 Whole Lotta Love        LP2-B3 Let That Boy Boogie Woogie  LP2-B4 I'm Moving On LP2-B5 Think It Over   LP2-B6 Lemon Song    Going To California LP3-A1 Immigrant Song          LP3-A2 Heart Breaker LP3-A3 Since I've Been Loving You     LP3-A4 Black Dog        LP3-B1 Dazed And Confused   LP4-A1 Stairway To Heaven    LP4-A2 That's The Way           LP4-A3 Going To California     LP4-B1 Whole Lotta Love        LP4-B2 Boogie Woogie           LP4-B3 Hello Mary Lou            LP4-B4 Minnesota Blues         LP4-B5 Blues Dedicated To Sheryl S.  LP4-B6 I Want You Bonny Airport But            LP4-B7 Shook Me        Bonzo's Birthday Party LP5-A1 Misty Mountain Hop  LP5-A2 The Song Remains The Same LP5-B1 Dazed & Confused      LP6-A1 No Quarter      LP6-A2 The Ocean       LP6-B1 Heartbreaker  LP6-B2 Whole Lotta Love        Seattle Daze V½ LP7-A1 Rock And Roll  LP7-A2 Celebration Day          LP7-A3 Black Dog        LP7-A4 Over The Hills And Far Away  LP7-A5 Misty Mountain Hop  LP7-B1 The Song Remains The Same LP7-B2 The Rain Song LP7-B3 Stairway To Heaven    LP8-A1 Misty Mountain Hop  LP8-A2 Since I've Been Loving You     LP8-A3 No Quarter      LP8-B1 The Ocean       LP8-B2 Whole Lotta Love        LP8-B3 Boogie Woogie           Mudslide/BBC Broadcasts LP9-A1 Heart Breaker LP9-A2 Thank You       LP9-A3 What Is And What Should Never Be  LP9-B1 Communication Breakdown   LP9-B2 Ramble On      LP9-B3 Since I've Been Loving You     LP9-B4 Whole Lotta Love        LP10-A1           Communication Breakdown   LP10-A2           Dazed And Confused   LP10-A3           Going To California     LP10-B1           Stairway To Heaven    LP10-B2           What Is And What Should Never Be  LP10-B3           Medley: Whole Lotta Love / Boogie Woogie / That's Allright Mama / Stop What's That Sound / Minnesota Blues           Follow us on Instagram @Thevinylgram


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